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Help Save Marriage Divorce Is Not The Answer

Help Save Marriage Divorce Is Not The Answer Source: Flickr Are you saying “help save marriage?” Are you at your wit’s end with your spouse, but want to stay married to him or her? Do you feel frustrated because they won’t do the work necessary to help save marriage? I have a tip for you.

Commercial Real Estate Desirability

Commercial Real Estate Desirability For those who are looking for an excellent way to generate outside income, the commercial real estate industry is a great way to go. Many people have begun to invest in commercial real estate, and since this type of real estate is continually being purchased and sold, it has become an

Overcome Your Bad Credit With These Tips

Overcome Your Bad Credit With These Tips If you have bad credit, the first thing you will want to do is talk to a credit counselor. Many counselors understand that unforeseen problems like unemployment, medical issues, or other problems often take people by surprise. Lenders are often willing to work with you to setup a

Proven Alternative To Bankruptcy

Proven Alternative To Bankruptcy Source: Flickr Is your telephone ringing off the hook with bill collectors calling from 7 in the morning to 9 at night? Are you so stressed about it you’re thinking the unthinkable; bankruptcy. Hold on! There may be a better way for you. It’s using a debt consolidation non profit company.

Home Selling Tips

Home Selling Tips Source: Flickr Planning to sell your house? Or planning to move to a new house and selling the old one? There are some home selling tips to make your home selling attracts a buyer. You should pay attention to some aspects if you would sell your home. The price almost becomes a

Advantages Of Bankruptcy

Advantages Of Bankruptcy Source: Flickr Consumers who are considering filing bankruptcy are faced with a lot of questions and are often not sure what the advantages could be- if any. Besides the obvious advantage of not having the debt that hangs over their head everyday, are their any other advantages of potentially damaging your credit

Post-Divorce Alimony in Texas

Post-Divorce Alimony in Texas Source: Flickr This article provides a brief overview on Texas law concerning post-divorce alimony in Texas. Laws differ from state to state and individual circumstances vary, so you should consult with a qualified family law attorney in your area for specific advice on your particular situation. Additionally, this article deals only

3 Mistakes to Absolutely Avoid in a 1031/TIC Exchange

3 Mistakes to Absolutely Avoid in a 1031/TIC Exchange Source: Flickr We’ve all made bad decisions in the past. Don’t you just hate to hear “I told you so” from your friends and family? Or, maybe you catch yourself saying “If only I’d have…”? Personally, I’m one of those people who prefers to learn from

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