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How To Avoid Credit-Related Scams

In recent years, our televisions and email in-boxes have been inundated with advertisements from companies promising to help consumers improve their credit. Many of these companies offer a quick fix for people who have a high-rate of debt or bad credit, and the promises made often seem to good to be true. Many offer extended

Investor Palooza Combines a Star-studded Panel of Real Estate Investing Experts with Financial

Source: Flickr Answer: look closely at the panel of speakers the conference organizer is able to recruit. Larry Goins is a highly successful real estate investor whose strategies are well respected by other industry stars. So every year when Larry Goins puts on Investor Palooza (www.investorpalooza.com), well-known panelists are eager to participate. Larry Goins is

Penthouse Magazine: A History

Source: Flickr The Birth of Penthouse Magazine In 1965, Penthouse Magazine started its colorful history in the world of media communications. Sensing that the sexual desire of man is a good marketing niche, Bob Guccione founded the Penthouse Magazine in London, United Kingdom. Bob Guccione or Robert Charles Joseph Edward Sabatini Guccione by birth was

Car Accident Article: Car Accidents & Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Source: Flickr American society is plagued by self-induced stress. Should this be something we pop pills for? Retrospectively, society accepts the unhealthiness of prior forms of medicated stress relief. It is generally accepted that smoking, for example, causes more problems than it relieves. Why does America swallow anti-anxiety medication so freely, without worrying about harmful

Things to Arrange Before You Travel Overseas

Source: Flickr Your Itinerary. As much as possible, plan to stay in larger hotels that have more elaborate security. Safety experts recommend booking a room from the second to seventh floors above ground level to deter easy entrance from outside, but low enough for fire equipment to reach. Because take-off and landing are the most

Credit Insurance: Is It Right for You?

Credit insurance protects the loan on the chance that you can’t make your payments. Credit insurance usually is optional, which means you don’t have to purchase it from the lender. In fact, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the nation’s consumer protection agency, says it’s against the law for a lender to deceptively include credit insurance

Homeowners: Your Foreclosure Options Reviewed

Source: Flickr Are you a homeowner who is facing foreclosure? If so, you may be unsure as to what your options are. Now is the time to find out. Why? Because you may be surprised how many ways there are to avoid foreclosure. When foreclosure is avoided you can either retain your home, keep your

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