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Credit Counseling Or Bankruptcy

Credit Counseling Or Bankruptcy Source: Flickr People often get to a place where they simply can’t pay their bills, especially in today’s economy which is not particularly sympathetic toward the poor or even the middle class. Inflation has impacted nearly every facet of daily life including food, gas, rent, clothes, utility bills and more. At


What’s the Difference Between

What’s the Difference Between Source: Flickr Have you ever wondered where all these somewhat confusing terms came from? Well the answer is they are all types of Lawyers originated from various legal systems. Some of the terms are from the English legal system, some are from Scotland and some from the American legal system. An


Student Loans And Bankruptcy

Student Loans And Bankruptcy Source: Flickr Student Loans Often Remain Following Bankruptcy One question many former students have when considering filing for bankruptcy is how their student loans will be handled. In a majority of cases, student loans for college are not dischargeable under bankruptcy rules established in 1998. Too many students had taken out


The Court Determines Child Custody

The Court Determines Child Custody A child custody proceeding is any case involving child protection, adoption, guardianship, termination of parental rights or voluntary placement of your child. The support order will be based on the child’s needs, obligor’s ability to pay, custody arrangements and the child support guidelines. The Criminal Code makes it an offence


{You need to know that the insurance company’s promise to pay you full compensation when you are injured may not be true after all

{You need to know that the insurance company’s promise to pay you full compensation when you are injured may not be true after all {There is no point for you to simply accept anything from an insurance company as a compensation for personal injury. You must insist on the full or adequate compensation. Your personal


Disciplining And Firing Employees

Disciplining And Firing Employees Source: Flickr Perception is Reality – Discipline with Care! Disciplining and firing employees is one of the most crucial areas for consideration as an Employer. As a former plaintiff’s counsel, I know that the way in which an employee perceives his or her final disciplinary action or termination meeting is the


What is the Difference Between a Power Of Attorney and a Guardianship? Which is Appropriate for Someone With Alzheimer’s?

What is the Difference Between a Power Of Attorney and a Guardianship? Which is Appropriate for Someone With Alzheimer’s? Source: Flickr A power of attorney is a legal document in which one person (the principal) authorizes another (the agent) to act on his/her behalf. Financial powers of attorney allow your agent to make decisions regarding


California Estate Planning

California Estate Planning 1. WHAT IS ESTATE PLANNING? Estate planning is a process. It involves people -your family, other individuals and in many cases charitable organizations of your choice. It also involves your assets and all the various forms of ownership and title that those assets may take. As you plan your estate, you will


Divorce and Health Insurance Benefits

Divorce and Health Insurance Benefits Source: Flickr Divorce causes major issues with health insurance benefits. Many families have employer provided and/or paid for health insurance benefits that cover the entire family. It is not uncommon to see situations where the other spouse is a stay at home parent, with absolutely no access to health insurance


seattle tourism

seattle tourism Source: Flickr seattle airport seattle metro seattle accomodations seattle realtor port of seattle seattle bed and breakfast seattle restaurants seattle space needle seattle personal injury attorney seattle chamber of commerce seattle vacation rentals seattle skyline seattle events seattle traffic seattle city light seattle pacific university condos in seattle prudential real estate agents seattle


A…is for Accident Attorney

A…is for Accident Attorney Imagine driving down the highway on a clear Monday morning. Everything was going perfect when suddenly another vehicle came skidding from the opposite direction. You stepped onto the break but it was too late. You tried to avoid the other car but unfortunately you hit your car into a post. Dazed


Commercial Litigation Financing

Commercial Litigation Financing Source: Flickr A person who suffers a personal injury caused by another person can go in for litigation cases. Similarly, companies too are often involved in litigation. The reason can be attributed to the competitive market and ‘unfair competitions,’ too. Here the simple disputes in the conduct of business and commercial transaction


Who Should Be The Beneficiary Of Your IRA?

Who Should Be The Beneficiary Of Your IRA? Source: Flickr You have a number of choices when it comes to selecting a beneficiary (or beneficiaries) for your IRA. Some are appropriate. Some are mistakes and can lead to delays and expenses in getting the funds to your desired recipients. Some may even exclude some of